About Bibhu Moni Singha

About Bibhu Moni Singha

Born on 22nd January, 1978 he has dedicated his entire life and career in teaching people the proper methods and scientific way of doing exercises and the right way of approaching a well balanced diet since the day he started his professional career way back in 1999,  in a medium sized local gym named IRONMAN GYMNASIUM owned by his uncle. But this dedication towards fitness did not come at once. From the tender age of 6 years Mr Singha started doing regular exercise in the form of YOGA under his father Late Bhubaneshwar Singha’s guidance, who was an  Ex-army man at that time. Seeing his father’s incredible strength and his ability to do some feats of strength like bending iron rods of 1 1/2 inches thick he was so impressed that he started doing YOGA on a regular basis waking up early in the morning at 4:30 am. By the time he was 8 years old he luckily came in contact with a local college Bodybuilding champion of that time, who gave him a few International Bodybuilding magazines like FLEX, MUSCLE & FITNESS & IRONMAN. Seeing the pictures of the bodybuilding champions pumping iron at GOLD’S Venice, California, U.S.A. ” The Mecca Of Bodybuilding “ he was so motivated and impressed that there was no tuning back. Since than gfinally at the age of 14 years his 9th standard he started working out with weights seriously. After 6 years of regular exercise he participated in his first Bodybuilding contest in the year 1999, and placed 9th in the competition. And very soon he realized that without the use of regular ANABOLIC STEROIDS. and superior genes its quite impossible to win a bodybuilding contest so he left his competitive bodybuilding career.

about bibhu moni singha

He did not want to risk his health for the sake of building muscle mass using ANABOLIC STEROIDS. At that time there was not a single Qualified or Certified trainer available in the entire North-eastern Region. So instead of finding answers from an unqualified trainer or bodybuilder and reading endless magazines searching for the SCIENCE OF BUILDING MUSCLE MASS & FITNESS without wasting further time he thought  of studying EXERCISE SCIENCE.


Finally, now after gathering all these years of experience and knowledge he has become the most sought after and the  TOP MOST FITNESS EXPERT & SPORTS NUTRITIONIST, ADVANCED BODYBUILDING  HEALTH & FITNESS TRAINING SPECIALIST in the entire Northeastern Region. He is also the owner of  a health club named UNIVERSAL GYM & FITNESS TRAINING CENTER, Hengerabari, Guwahati since 2003, Founder, Director and Head Faculty, IFBB Academy INDIA, Guwahati Center and Founder & Director  AHA  CPR & AED Training & Certification Center, Guwahati, ASSAM, since 2013 and the only trainer who has got all the needed qualification to become an excellent FITNESS EXPERT & SPORTS NUTRITIONIST. The following under mentioned are the list of qualifications and designations he has earned in his Professional Fitness Career.

  • P.G.D. Fitness & Nutrition, ( Specialization – Exercise Physiology & Sports Nutrition ) Tara’s Institute of Sports Sciences, Jalandhar, affiliated by Tamil Nadu Sports & Physical Education University
  • Certified Master Professional Personal Trainer (CMPPT) & Weight Training Prescription Specialist ( WTPS ) from International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB), Madrid, SPAIN
  • Life member of Indian Association of Health & Fitness (IAHF), Jalandhar
  • Life Member & Regional Director of Indian Association of Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition (IAPEN), Andhra Pradesh
  • Life Member of Nutrition Society of India (NSI), Hyderabad
  • Member of American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), U.S.A.


He has been working as a Fitness Professional for the past 20 years and has worked earlier as the Training & Nutrition Head of Gold’s Gym , Ganeshguri Branch for 6 years and has worked in some of the reputed schools and  hospitals of Guwahati  to name a few are Don Bosco School, Dispur Hospitals Pvt Ltd ect. He have also participated in various bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions.

Presently he is working as the Gym Manager Training & Nutrition Head, SFL Fitness Gym & MMA, Guwahati and is also the Certification Director UNIVERSAL FITNESS TRAINING ACADEMY since 2006, which is situated in the heart of Guwahati City, and  has trained and certified more than 1100 trainers in his academy which is also the one and only recognized Fitness Academy present in the entire North-East. All the students who have passed from of the Academy are now working as full time professionals in some of the reputed Gyms of international and national gym chains in India and abroad like – Gold’s Gym, Talwalkars, Snap Fitness, ect. He is also associated with UNIVERSAL STRENGTH & CONDITIONING CLINIC as a Strength & Conditioning Consultant. UNIVERSAL FITNESS TRAINING ACADEMY has tie ups with all the major Gyms, health clubs, 5 star hotels, schools, colleges and hospitals of the Guwahati City, to name a few are- Gold’s Gym, Talwalkars, Snap Fitness, SFL Fitness Gym and MMA. Radisson Blu Hotel, Faculty Higher Secondary School, Royal Global School, Dispur Hospitals Ltd, Dispur Polyclinic and Nursing Home, Shri Sankardeva Nethralaya, Swahid Piyoli Phukan Government college etc.  He  also owns a Personal Training Studio named PERFOMAX where he trains clients personally on 1:1 basis.

Workshops Attended

Bibhu Moni Singha has also attended the Asia Fitness Convention in 2007, held in Mumbai; and  has also attended and given a presentation in the First National Conference of Sports Nutrition which was held in Bhopal in 2014. He also conducts regular workshops on Health, Fitness, and Sports & Exercise Nutrition in various schools, colleges and hospitals of the north east region and  gives regular interviews in Radio.  Some of the Workshops attended & Seminars conducted by him are as follows-

  • Attended the First “NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SPORTS NUTRITION “held in Bhopalat Sant Hridaram Medical College, organized by FSN & IAPEN, India
  • Attended BACK INJURY  REHABILITATION WORKSHOP, Organized byBFY  Sports & Fitness, Mumbai, recognized by American Council of Exercise, U.S.A.
  • Attended SPORTS NUTRITION WORKSHOP, Organized by BFY Sports & Fitness, Mumbai, recognized by American Council of Exercise, U.S.A.
  • Attended CORE TRAINING WORKSHOP, Organized by BFY Sports & Fitness, Mumbai, recognized by American Council of Exercise, U.S.A.

Seminars Conducted

  • Conducted the First” North-East Seminar on Fitness, Bodybuilding, and Sports & Exercise Nutrition” in Guwahati in 2016.
  • Conducted “SEMINAR ON HEALTH, FITNESS, SPORTS & EXERCISE NUTRITION” and Seminar on “OBESITY & WEIGHT LOSS MANAGEMENT” at Faculty Higher Secondary School, Amingaon.
  • Conducted SEMINAR ON “EXERCISE IS MEDICINE” at Sankardeva Netralaya, Guwahati.
  • Conducted Seminar on “HEALTH, FITNESS & NUTRITION” at Swahaid Piyoli Phukan College, Naamti, Sivasagar.

Television Shows

  • Bibhu Moni Singha has done numerous shows in Fitness & Sports Nutrition in all the major satellite channels of north east like  NE TV, DY 365, PRAG, NEWSLIVE since 2003 etc.

Newspaper/ Magazine Articles Published

  •  Bibhu Moni Singha also writes regular articles on Fitness & Nutrition on some of the major Newspapers of Guwahati like THE SENTINEL, AJIR AXOM, PRATIDIN & G Plus.

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