• The sole objective of UFTA is to concentrate on teaching people the benefits of exercise so that everybody can lead a healthy life without any disease.
  • To spread the awareness of exercise to all the section of people irrespective of gender, so that exercise becomes a part of their daily routine.
  • To provide people with the latest scientifically advanced and validated information in the field of Exercise Physiology, Sports and Exercise Nutrition, by conducting seminars, workshops, live and online consultations in schools, colleges, gyms, clubs and health clubs.
  • To provide a platform for upcoming youngsters, a career in the field ofFITNESS & NUTRITION which will create new job opportunities and reduce unemployment problem in India as well as will help to promote the growth of Fitness Industry.
  • The academy also focuses to imparting right education and training to Fitness Trainers, Gym Trainers and Personal Trainers by providing them with internationally recognized Certification Courses in Personal Training to produce well qualified and professionally trained Fitness Trainers, and to meet the increasing demand of gyms, health clubs, hotels, schools, colleges and universities.

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