Fitness Industry is growing at a very fast pace in INDIA. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau Labor Statistics, the job outlook for the profession of Certified Personal Trainer is projected to “grow much faster than the average” for all occupations between 2006 & 2016. The Indian Fitness Industry has come a long way over the last decade or so. Earlier, it used to be the domain of macho men, and the emphasis was more on body building for men while women preferred aerobics or dance classes. Today, when the lifestyle of people is getting more sedentary, fitness has assumed greater significance in order to maintain cardiovascular fitness and body weight.

According to marketresearch.com, which offers global market intelligence reports, the Indian fitness and slimming market make up around 8 per cent of the wellness industry. As per the study conducted by FICCI and PwC, the wellness industry is expected to touch Rs 1 lakh crore mark by 2015.

Current Scenario

In addition to growing disposable income of people and increased awareness for a fit body, rising intake of fast food by both affluent and working class population has driven the need for healthy lifestyle, thereby helping the industry move up. The size of fitness and slimming industry currently is more than $0.78 billion, which is stated to grow at a CAGR of 25 per cent to hit $2.4-billion mark by 2015, as per MarketResearch.com. The penetration rate of fitness sector in India has drastically changed in last few years. People have started going to gyms at least four times a week. “The growth of fitness market has been immense. As obesity has become an epidemic worldwide, people are thinking to remain fit with regular exercise. In future as well, fitness market will see tremendous momentum coming from people of all strata of the society,” says Sarbjit Singh, President, Indian Association of Health and Fitness (IAHF) out of which, Universal Fitness Training Academy (UFTA)   Guwahati is also a proud member.


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