Career Counselling

Career Counselling at UFTA:

We help you choose the best career option in the FITNESS INDUSTRY in INDIA & ABROAD using this solid approach.

  • Introduction to the FITNESS INDUSTRY in INDIA & ABROAD
  • Introduction on why to build a career in the FITNESS INDUSTRY
  • Introduction to the science of Personal Training and why one should learn it
  • Providing brief information about the various courses available with UNIVERSAL FITNESS TRAINING ACADEMY  and how they will help in carving a career in the fitness industry
  • Suggesting the ways to aquire necessary Knowledege Skills and Abilities (KSA’s) excel in the Fitness Industry
  • Elaborating the teaching methods adopted to impart knowledge to the students
  • Q&A session to solve any specific question or queries relating to career in the fitness industry
  • Most importantly UFTA will always guide and assesses for career in the fitness industry and will  not charge any fee for doing this. Career counseling is absolutely free of cost.

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