About The Memberships:

 The online membership will help people to access my workout programs & diet plans to get the best results from there workout. To avail the membership one has to take a monthly subscription. The members will be guide through mail and skype.

Who should take the memberships:

Memberships are available to anyone who are into health and fitness. The memberships are offered at a nominal fee which is charged monthly, quarterly and half yearly.

General memberships & benefits : Which is specially for those people who wants to get general advise on exercise and nutrition and those who wanted to sculpt there bodies. Membership is available for monthly, quarterly and half yearly basis.

Professional membership & benefits: 

This membership is generally for those people who are into the health & fitness profession such as – Personal Trainers, Gym Trainers, Gym Owners, Strength & Conditioning Coaches and athletes. The members will get all the desired and cutting edge information on health, fitness, exercise science, sports & exercise nutrition, personal training  and about the fitness industry. Membership is available for monthly, quarterly and half yearly basis.

Renew your membership:

The membership can be renewed depending on the type of subscription through online bank transfer, bank deposit or online payment.

Offers & rewards:

Those members who remain members for at least one year will get direct access to our Fitness Expert & Sports Nutritionist, Bibhu Moni Singha for Personal Training and Nutrition guidance on a one to one basis on prior appointment.

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