Other/Special Services


  • Suggesting viable areas in any part of the North – Eastern Region for setting up Commercial Gyms  Health Clubs & selection of real estate based locations & structure.
  • Providing precise requirements for equipment & space needed for setting up of a Gym or Health Club based on different budget categories.
  • To support & advise on proper selection of Staff & Qualified Trainers.
  • To provide skilled manpower for the smooth operation of the Gym, by training and Certification to Trainers.
  • To provide proper interior designing ideas which includes Equipment Color, Floor Material,Mirroring, Lighting & Air-Conditioning as per the requirements of the Commercial Health Club.
  • Proper selection of equipment brands imported or Indian which fits the budget of an every entrepreneur who wants to start a Gym, also provide the best pricing in the industry for the equipment.
  • Proper supervision of equipment installation & maintenance support.
  • Outsourcing consultancy for – Health Food Stores & Pro Shop.
  • Recruitment & training of Fitness, Sales & Administration Staff so that they can stay updated with the latest International Standards of the Gyms.
  • To support the Sales Team & Administration Staff in designing Fitness Sales Packages& offering ideas to increasing foot fall in the Gym so that the sales can be done in an effective manner.
  • Technical support in branding through outdoor marketing, Seminars & Workshops.


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