International Recognition & Affiliation



UFTA is affiliated by the  by the Indian Association of Health & Fitness (IAHF), Jalandhar, Punjab,which  is a non- profit and voluntarily organization formed in the year 2000, by a group of professional, working in health, physical education and allied fields.


UFTA is also recognized as a  ” Best Practices Partner“ by the renowned National Youth Sports Health & Safety Institute (NYSHSI), USA, which is a recognized leader dedicated for advocating, advancing and disseminating the latest research and evidence – based education, recommendations and policy to enhance the experience, development, health and safety of our youth in sports. NYSHSI is also an associate partner of the American college of Sports medicine (ACSM) USA, and Sanford Health, which is an integrated health system headquartered in Dakotas, now is the largest rural not – for – profit system in the USA.

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IAHF aims to bring awareness about health and fitness among the society and, further it is committed to improve general health, human performance and share the knowledge nationwide to help people live an active life.   It also promotes and integrates scientific research in health and exercise to maintain and enhance human performance, physical fitness, health and quality of life for all.

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