Beneficial effects of Strength Training for males and females is quite evident from the results we have. Research shows that Strength Training is equally beneficial for men & women because it slows down the atrophy of muscles which happens because of normal aging process, keeps the hormone levels at the optimum helps  to slow down the aging process. Moreover as muscles are also called the shock absorber  of the body Strength Training also helps in reducing the stress on the bones.One most important benefit women gets from Strength Training is the slowing down of Osteoporosis ( brittle bones ) which is a very common health problem suffered by most  women specially after the age of 40 years when menopause starts,as bone mineral density  increases due to Strength Training. Regarding the building of muscles in men it causes due to special high protein diet, specially designed  workout program & because of the masculinizing effect of the hormone Testosterone in men they build muscles after a lot of hard work. But on the other hand women will find it very difficult & hard to build maximum size & strength because of the hormone Estrogen in their bodies which gives them all the feminine characteristics in their bodies. So it is quite impossible for women to build the muscles like a men, but if they continue Strength Training with weights the results will be a  SCULPTED BEAUTIFUL BODY.

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