MYTH : You can burn fat from specific areas of the body by exercising those areas with light weights & high repetitions & can also change or alter the shape of the particular muscle or muscle groups. Posted on 16th February,  2014.

FACT : Previously it was believed & taught by so called Fitness Expert & most bodybuilders that doing high number of repetitions of more than 15 reps or more than that doing countless number of reps for example 20 reps, 50 reps or  more than 100 reps  of a particular exercise will burn or melt away the fat from a particular area of the body is a complete nonsense. The phenomenon of SPOT REDUCTION has absolutely no factual basis or scientific evidence at all. Because science has already proved that when we exercise, we utilize energy produced by metabolizing fat from all the regions of our  body, not just the specific muscle groups involved in the exercise. That’s why performing countless number of sit ups, ab crunches for the abdominal muscles is not going to build six packs on your belly, also doing high number of repetitions for squat exercise is also not going to build any definition on the quadriceps but still many old school bodybuilders follow this high repetition principle just before a bodybuilding competition to increase mascularity & definition. The actual benefits achieved by doing high repetitions of a particular exercise for a muscle group is gaining in local muscular endurance ( LME ), because it stimulates the Type I muscle fibers ( slow twitch muscle fibers ) which gets stimulated by high repetitions of more than 15 to 25 repetitions or more ( Source – Nicholas A. Ratamess, Ph. D; Brent A. Alvar,Ph. D; Tammy K. Evetoch Ph. D; FACSM; Terry J. Housh, Ph. D; FACSM ( Chair ); W. Ben Kibler, M.D., FACSM; William J. Kraemer, Ph. D; FACSM; & N. Travis Triplett, Ph. D. American College Of Sports Medicine, Position Stand, “Progression Models In Resistance Training For Healthy Adults”, J  Med Sci Sport Exerc. 2009; 0195-9131/09/4103-0687/0. ).

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